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If you have an older model that is not considered EnergyStar Rated then it is Older inefficient model HVAC and can be costing you up to 70- 80% more per month.

  • Gas & Electricity bill is $250 = month with Old Efficient HVAC = $3000 per year
  • Gas & Electricity bill is $80 = month with New High Efficiency HVAC = $960 per year
  • Thats a savings of up to $170 per month which is $2040 in savings each year
  • That’s $20,400.00 in 10 years

$175 per month decreased by 15% is a savings of $26.25 per month which is $315 per year. That’s $3,150.00 in 10 years.

It’s amazing that people don’t know how much it increases the equity in your home and then through compound interest through time. – It’s much like a renovation, it adds on more value then what it costs …approximately $5000 to $10000 per unit, call it $15000 over 10 years compounded at a conservative 8% =

  • That’s $32,383.87 in 10 years.
  • $32,383.87 + $20,400.00 + $2500.00 + $3,150.00
  • That’s $58,433.87 in Cash and Value Incentives in 10 years.


The heating element usually refers to a furnace or boiler. Includes a pipe system for the fluid carrying the heat or duct work if you’re working with a forced air system.


The ventilation element is either natural or forced and when it is forced it is more often than not used for air cleaning purposes as well. Keeps the air inside your home fresh.

Air Conditioning

The final element of an HVAC system is air conditioning which is the exact opposite of heating. It’s main focus is to remove the existing heat from the interior of the home.

5 Benefits of a Zoned HVAC System

Think of your heating and air conditioning system like you do the lights and electricity in your house. You don’t leave them on all the time do you? When you leave one room, you probably turn them off. You also probably turn them off when you leave the house. It’s more energy efficient to do so.

It works the same with your HVAC system. Why would you want to heat rooms that you aren’t using? Using a zoned HVAC system allows you to save energy since you have the choice to heat the rooms you use instead of the whole house. If your home has any of these features, you will save the most money by switching to a zoned HVAC system:

  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Room above your garage
  • Many windows, especially large bay windows
  • More than one story
  • Basement, attic, sunroom and/or loft

Since zoned HVAC systems are so energy efficient, they can save you up to 30% of your utility bills relating to heating and cooling. This type of savings is especially noticeable during the peak season for your utility bills. No one likes paying a mountain of utility bills just to stay comfortable in your own home.

When you zone your HVAC system, you end up using it less than you would otherwise. Not heating and/or cooling your entire home at the same temperature all the time extends the life of your system. Less overall use equals a longer system life on average.

Do you like having your bedroom a different temperature than your living room and/or kitchen? With a zoned system this isn’t an issue. You can decided what temperature you would like each zone in your home to be. This type of room to room personalization is the ultimate home comfort. In addition, a zoned HVAC system enables a more stable overall temperature in each of the zoned areas as well as eliminates hot and cold spots.

Zoned systems are convenient as each zones comes with its own thermostat and remote. No longer do you have to go down a flight of stairs to change the temperature. Now you can do so from the comfort of your own couch.

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